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Who is Andrew Misin?

Andrew Misin is the Russian songwriter and sound producer. He live in Moscow, Russian Federation. He is an author of the big number of songs and instrumental things.

You can read short Biography and other publications. Photos see here.

The all released albums you can listen on page Audio.

For Andrew's music is inherent epic breadth of Russian classics, some tragical notes of Musorgsky. Plus folklore of Karelians, Finns, Vepses, Latvians. Andrew not writes songs on household themes, its songs about transcendental things. Andrew perfectly sings your songs with rich intonations that not each vocalist can to execute.

More news you can read on page Info. Many years Andrew provides hit songs for the Russian pop artists. The page Singers shows you the vocalists who sang the things made songwriter Andrew. To watch some videoclips you can click Video.

In 2015 released new album named "Pere-good". This is elf songs with lyrics Yurii Vorotnin, the poet and builder. Listen to the album here!

Enjoy your minutes with an interesting music!

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